2014: Ibex is back in the pyrenees

According to some digs made on paleontological sites, the Iberian ibex, Capra pyrenaica, was hunted by prehistoric men nearly all over the Iberian Peninsula.  However, the subspecies Capra pyrenaica pirenaica, which used to live in the Pyrenees disappeared in 1999 when the last specimens died in Ordesa, while another subspecies lusitanica had already died out in 1890. Two other subspecies, victoriae and hispanica, are still living in Spain and are around 60.000. After long negotiations, the governments concerned decided to reintroduce the ibex in the Pyrenees.  In 2014, during the summer, 37 specimens coming from sierra de Gredos (ssp. victoriae) were released: 15 in the Pyrenees National Park (Hautes-Pyrénées) and 22 in Ariège, particularly in “cirque de Cagateille” in the municipality of Ustou.  Pirenalia team was involved in the project.

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