3 days
height difference
Min-Max 3-8

During the rutting deer, enjoy the best photography hide of Europe for lammergeyer. You’ll be alone in an isolated cottage of a deserted village.

Come and enjoy the great show of the rutting deer. It is early autumn when adult male deer display their best finery. Then, their antlers are ready for the fight; the excitement is at its peak and they do their best to defend their harem of does. Our trip combines this impressive show with watching bearded vultures, griffon vultures and black vultures. You will be comfortably accommodated in an isolated cottage in the mountains and surrounded by nature to enjoy a unique experience.

This wildlife trip will take you to enjoy the rutting bucks with a quiet and privileged environment. Through especial carrion we will enjoy watching lammergeyer and vultures. We will not forget to taste the local cuisine.

This tour will be appreciated by those nature lovers and particularly those fauna lovers. We will take pleasure in watching the rutting deer with all the amenities (we provide you with spyglasses with digiscoping adapters for your cameras) and we will make a carrion in order to observe necrophagous birds such as lammergeyer (bearded vultures) in all ages and all plumages (we can spot more than 15 at a time), black vultures (more than half of the population of the Pyrenees come to this place) and griffon vultures (countless).

Destination: Pre Pyrenees of Pallars Sobirà (Spain)
Dates: From September, 15th to October 15th
Available places per trip: 8 persons (minimum 3 persons)
Duration: 3 days
Time and departure/arrival place: Contact us
Price of trip: 400 € pêr person

Accommodation, meals, transport, tickets, guide and taxes: all included. You just need to think about your personal expenses.


Day 1:

We will arrive in the afternoon to Gerri de la Sal. Following we will give you the explanations on the activity to perform, recommendations and verification of the material given. After observing the rutting deer we will enjoy a local cuisine menu for dinner and we will go to sleep.


Day 2:

We will get up early because the activity of the animals begins before dawn, and we cannot miss the rutting at its full intensity. Afterwards we will have a breakfast based on local products. Later we will proceed to the carrion to attract carrion birds. We will be able to observe many of them throughout the day. A stroll through the area allows us to discover other animal species and stretch your legs. At midday we will taste mountain paella (a typical dish made with rice, vegetables and meat). After a short break we will wait again to the deer manifest. To end up we will have a typical dinner, after-dinner conversation and we will go to rest.


Day 3:

We will follow the same procedure as the previous day: we will get up early to watch the rutting deer and we will have a healthy breakfast charged with energies. Later on we will collect the material and we will accompany you to your cars to conclude the trip.


Nature lovers, ornithologists, photographers: this trip has been designed to suit you. You can do it in couple, in family or with friends. Change of scenery and strong emotions guaranteed.
You don’t need to be particularly fit. Most of the transport is madIn these regions during spring time the weather is quite mild. Nevertheless nights can be a bit chilly: so we recommend you to take a fleece, a windbreaker, gloves and a cap.
Apart from the garments mentioned above, you could take light trekking boots or trainers. Don’t forget your binoculars and your sunglasses.
Accommodation, meals, transport, tickets, guide and taxes: all included. You just need to think about your personal expenses.