Andorra, Spain
6 days
height difference
Min-Max 2-4

Unique opportunity to immortalize three of the “top ten birds” of the Pyrenees. An unforgettable experience!

Capercaillie, bearded vulture (lammergeyer), and black woodpecker: a unique occasion to photograph three of the most important birds of the Pyrenees in one trip.

This trip has been specially arranged for those who want to take photos of these big emblematic birds of the Pyrenees, and lasts 6 days (5 nights). Two days are dedicated to the capercaillie, two days to the bearded vulture, the rest to the black woodpecker . The conditions for watching the capercaillie are a bit special. For more information see  “GRAND TETRAS EXPERIENCE” . For more information about the bearded vulture: “LAMMERGEYER AND VULTURES”

Destination: Andorran Pyrenees and pre Pyrenees of Pallars
Dates: May 1 to 31
Available places per trip: 4 persons (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 6 days (5 nights)
Place of arrival and departure: Andorra
Price of trip: 1250 €

1 – The organization has the right to change the order of the initial programme and the order of viewing the birds. The order capercaillie/bearded vulture/ woodpecker can become bearded vulture/ woodpecker/ capercaillie (for example), all depending on weather forecast and number of people

2 – If you want to stay longer or less time or if you want to observe one or two species, or if you want to plan others dates, do not hesitate to contact us through voyages à la carte. We will answer as quickly as possible.


Day 1:

We pick you up in Andorra (meeting place to be arranged) at 1:00 PM. Lunch, comments, explanations, recommendations and control of material. In the afternoon we will go to a lek situated at 2.200 m., in a pine forest (pinus uncinata). In the late afternoon (between 5 to 6 PM), an evening picnic will be provided and then you will go to your individual hide which you will not leave until the following morning at around 10 or 11 o’clock AM.


Day 2:

As soon as the birds leave the lek, we will have a hearty breakfast to build your strength. We will need this to take on our second night in the hide. In the afternoon we will return to the lek and continue the same procedure as the previous day.


Day 3:

After lunch, we will drive to Sort which is the capital of the Pallars Sobirà region. We will stay in a comfortable country house in an abandoned village (105 Km.). There, you can have a shower (the first of the stay) and look better! An aperitif as the sun goes down, « rice mountain style » and a ratafia (drink made with mashed aromatic herbs in eau de vie), well worth the previous day’s efforts!


Day 4:

After breakfast (between 8 and 9 AM), we will try to entice the bearded vulture with a leg of lamb , then you will go to your hide and stay there for the next five to six hours. A food parcel will be delivered to you. When you leave the hide a small walk to stretch your legs will be a good idea. Then you will be able to watch local birds. Dinner.


Day 5:

Same procedure as the previous day. Return to Andorra around 7:00 PM. We will stay in a cosy inn which is a borda (a renovated XVI century farm house). You will be served a typical Andorran meal in natural surroundings, with a fantastic view.


Day 6:

After breakfast (around 7 o’clock), we will move to some selected areas where we will find the black woodpeckers. You will be given a picnic for the last photographic session in the hide. Return to the departure point and end of the stay at around 5:00 PM.