1 day
height difference
Min-Max 2-10

One day to discover the big fauna in a dreamy landscape: a feast for you eyes!

Relevant species:

Sure: Isard (Pyrenean chamois), mouflon (Pyrenean bighorn), vulture

Probable: Golden eagle, lammergeyer, roe deer, rock ptarmigan and many other Pyrenean birds.

Excursion programme:

We will get up early in the morning (before dawn) and have just time to swallow a cup of coffee (we’ll have breakfast later on the spot). We will head by 4 X4 to our trek departure place. Then on the way, we’ll stop at strategic points to watch some big mammal species in a spectacular landscape. You will be provided with high quality telescopes in order to better observe these animals. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to use dig scoping material, to take pictures with your own camera through the telescope. Then, we’ll have breakfast before starting climbing the smooth slope of a peak, with a difference in altitude of 400 meters and no special difficulty. During the walk, we’ll be able to watch some mouflons (bighorns) and a lot of interesting birds, such as golden eagles, vultures, lammergeyers, kestrels, rock ptarmigans, grey partridges, alpine accentors and many others. After enjoying a picnic lunch we’ll go back to the hotel at around 4 p.m.

Destination: Andorran pyrenees (Andorra)
Dates: From June to October
Available places per day: 10 persons (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 1 day
Walking round trip: 4 Km
Departure & Arrival (hotel): 6.30 am and 3 p.m
Group size Price per person
1 person 260 €
2 persons 130 €
3 persons 90 €
4 to 10 persons 80 €

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  • Meals, trip, guide, taxes: all included.

Animal photographers and people looking for thrills will find their groove! Actually you are going to spend the night alone in a hide at 2.200 m. in altitude in the forest, you are going to hear the birds coming, may be some woodcocks, a European nightjar, an owl or a barn owl, a deer, animals walking just by the tent… and very early in the morning, just in front of you, close at hand, the cocks performing their mating display…
A short climb of 300 m. up in the mountain, carrying a rucksack with a sleeping bag, water and food, spare garments, your other material (binoculars, camera…): here is what you will have to do. So you need to be fit enough. Moreover you have to spend the night outside with neither a bed base nor a mattress (beware of backache…), you may be cold (temperatures can easily fall up to minus 10ºC), it could rain, or snow, or be windy… this trip is not recommended for people who feel the cold!
We cannot repeat enough. This season is the most variable season in the mountains. The nights are usually very cold or freezing (it often freezes!). There could be showers, storms or snow. In the forest you don’t notice the wind so much. But it’s also possible to have fantastic weather!
• A special sleeping bag for very low temperatures up to minus 10ºC (yes, you might need it!) • A ground sheet • A headlamp • An alarm clock: you come to see the birds not to sleep! • A bottle or a recipient in case you have to relieve yourself (you are not allowed to leave the hide). • Mountain boots • 2 pairs of thick socks • Fleece, anorak, gloves, hat • Your personal things • A rucksack big enough to carry everything • Waterproof jacket
You will be picked up at the place you will have been told about by email (Andorra) and you will be taken to the hide by a guide. You will be given a packet containing food for the evening and nibbles for the early morning. On leaving the hide, you will be provided with a hearty breakfast or an early lunch or picnic (depending on the hour). Then, you will be taken back to your vehicle. If you do not have a proper sleeping bag, we can provide you with one for a supplement of 20 euros. If you do not have a ground sheet, we can provide you with one for a 5 euros supplement