2 days
height difference
Min-Max 2-8

A two-day adventure to discover the Madriu Valley, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For your convenience, horses will carry your equipment and we will organize an unforgettable bivouac in some remote cabins.

During two days, discover one of the wildest valleys of the entire Pyrenees: The Madriu valley, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO on 2004. In addition to his landscapes diversity, this valley is also known by a considerable number of rests that testify human occupation in the valley some centuries ago: shepherds, peddlers, smugglers, farmers, smiths and coalmen have let their trace. We will access the valley by the biggest glacial cirque of Andorra which is called the Pessons cirque. The High Mountain Experience maximum height is 2814 m. but we will sleep at 2250 m. As for the bags, horses will carry them and we will organize a magical bivouac into far away from civilization cottages for you.

Destination: Andorran pyrenees (Andorra)
Dates: From June to October
Available places per day: 8 persons (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 2 days (1 night)
Place of departure / arrival Andorra
Group size Price per person
2 persons 640 €
3 persons 430 €
4 to 8 persons 350 €



All is included in the price, except the sleeping bag. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, you can rent one for 20 €.


Day 1:

Leave the hotel at 8 a.m. and proceed to the departure point for our hike at Grau-Roig. There, the equipment will be tied up on a horseback, and you will start your walk. During our ascent (650 m. drop), we will go through the biggest Andorran glacial cirque, called The Pessons cirque, and go along more or less a dozen lakes. A gentle slope, followed by a steeper mountain pass, will take us to the highest point of our expedition, at 2,814 m. of altitude. From this place, where you will have lunch, you will look over the longest virgin valley in the Pyrenees, the Madriu Valley. Then, we will slowly hike down to Illa lake (the biggest in Andorra) through a spectacular landscape dotted with ponds and pools. After a three- hour walk, we will reach our camp, and settle for the night in a wooden cabin. Once on the spot, binoculars in hands, you will have time to watch chamois and mouflons, to rest and enjoy the beauty of the place before having a typical and delicious “mountain rice » cooked on a wooden fire, and why not try a « cremat » (burnt rum) just before having a restful sleep.


Day 2:

The breakfast will give us enough strength to start the four- hour trek down to reach Escaldes. We will follow the old path by the riu Madriu, go through forests and meadows where you will be able to appreciate human activity of another age such as: some bordes (barns high up in the mountain), forges, charcoal burners, orris (stoned structures used during the summer to milk the sheep and make the cheese), shepherds’ huts and dry stone walls. Once in Escaldes, we will leave the horses and go to the hotel where you will enjoy a nice shower and a typical meal.


Nature lovers, sportsmen, sportswomen, people who are looking for adventure, fresh air, calm: this trip has been designed to suit you. You can do it in couple, in family or with friends. New scenery and strong emotions guaranteed.
Though your luggage and the equipment needed are both carried on horseback, we have to take into account a big drop of 750 m, a long hike of around 6 to 7 hours the first day and 4 hours the second day, so you understand why you need to be quite fit. We advise people with a respiratory disorder against doing this excursion as we climb up to an altitude of 2800 m.
The weather in the Pyrenees is famous for its changes. Even though, during the season temperatures are normally high during daytime because of the Mediterranean influence, we have to keep in mind that in altitude, a simple shower can easily cool down the atmosphere. Temperatures may vary a lot in only 24 hours.
You should take warm garments such as a fleece, a wind breaker and waterproof jacket, gloves, a hat, sunglasses and also good walking shoes with non-slip soles. You need a backpack for your equipment and personal clothes. Don’t forget your binoculars and your camera. A pair of sticks will seriously help you. You’ll need a sleeping bag: if don’t have any, you can rent one for 20 euros.
Accommodation, meals, transport, tickets, guide and taxes: all included. You just need to think about your personal expenses, and the rental of the sleeping bag.